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Settled on the baCity of Belingtonnks of the Tygart Valley River, Belington West Virginia has had a long and rich history defined by the prosperity brought by the railroad, and devastation from bloody battles and destructive floods. With the passage of time and ongoing change, our Belington today retains the rural beauty and small town values that our early residents enjoyed.

We have a proud heritage. We are honored that our community served as the venue for one of the first land battles of the Civil War, and the role that we played leading to a restored Union. The early determination of our citizens who lobbied to move our state Capitol to Belington still exists today.

We cherish our natural setting. The rolling hills surrounding our town provides us a serene backdrop and inspires our friendly rural lifestyle. The Tygart Valley River has given us a beauty, but also has afforded us a wealth of recreational activities. We are the home base for the outdoor experience for those enjoying fishing, hunting, kayaking, camping and swimming at Audra State Park, Twin Lakes, and along the Tygart.

Community News

Basket Weaving Classes

The classes will be held on Saturday, September 19th 2009 at the town square community building. The first class will be held from 9am-1pm. The second class will be held from 2pm-6pm. Contact Lara Lawrence at 304-457-2375 or Dee Johnson at 304-457-4341, to register for the classes. Plans for monthly classes are underway.


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