JUNE 11, 2016
We welcome you to Belington and thank you for spending the day
shopping in our neighborhood and meeting our friendly citizens.
Crim Avenue/downtownBelington……
1.Freedom Bank Parking Lot–Various yard sales.
2.Book Sale –Belington Public Library. Turn right at Stemple
Schoonover Funeral Home. Located behind it.
3.Weese Music Building –various yard sales
Going toward Elkins from the red light:
4.Belington Public Library. Turn leftoff Route 250 betweenStemple Schoonover Funeral Home/VFW and Town and Country Dodge.
Take next left.
5.Industrial Park Road. Route 250 going toward Elkins. Across from Greystone Mall at bottom of hill before Charlie’s Exxon, turn into Industrial Park. 3rdand 4thHouseon the left.
6.Industrial Park Road.Old Talbott Car Wash building on right side
of road.
7.124 Marion Street. Estate sale.Follow Industrial Park Road until
you get to West Virginia Avenue. Marion Street is off WV Ave.
Going toward Philippi from the red light…
8.470 Locust Avenue. Turn right at Faith DeliveranceChurch which is beside Hometown Pizza on Crim Ave. Go slight left/straight and it will become Locust Avenue.House is on right side of road approx.. 4 blocks down.
Turn Right past Hometown Pizzeria/Sheetz onto Route 92
9.Corner of Stringtown Road and Dunham Cut Rd.: Turn Right onto Route 92. Turn right onto Stringtown Road which is right before Bel. Elem School. Left side of road, 2 story white house.
10.112Stringtown Road. Multi family. ¼ mile on Stringtown Road. Green 2 story house on right side of road.
Across the bridge………
11.51 N BrandenbergStreet. Cross Bridgeand follow Brown Avenue to Brandenberg St.…Turn right onto Brandenberg. House is behind Verizon building on left side of road.
12.147 N Brandenberg Street. Cross bridge. Turn right onto
Brandenberg. Pass Talbott Funeral Home. White house with
brown trim on left side of road.
13.Hice Street. Multi family. Turn right onto Hice Street. Sale is in the former Edith Bakery building on right side of Hice Street.
14.313 Centre Avenue. Turn right onto Beacon St. Turn left onto
Centre Avenue. White, 2 story house.
15.50 Adams Street: Crossbridge. Go 10 blocks.Turn right onto
Adams Street whichis a couple blocks after you get to the top of
the hill on Brown Avenue. 1sthouse on right. Yellow with green
Be sure to visit our other great stores and restaurants during your stay in our
Download this file (yardsalelist2016.pdf)2016 Yard Sale Locations[ ]141 Kb

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